Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Five Starr Prison

"Prisoner is on the five star room"

03/27/11 - 22:03

Three generations sitting in one room, while having a chat about life and death suddenly ther started throwing knives to each otherr, burning old memories, photos. Writing each other 'hate letters', that no one will ever read. Sheets of paper turned into angry gestures,  of keeping to read to yourself at night.

The three men concluded that waking up in the morning with her perfect women by their side admiring her morning beauty, you know without and all that crap. She might not believe ever about how pretty she looks in the morning, these sincere words, never taken seriously laying by having a lithe sample  a women scent, love. The three men concluded that you may want something and not get it or get it and have to face the loose of this thing. Buddha's words not mine. By that time there scotch enough scotch, the two men stood up and went home. 

'"Paradise resides in our best memories" - I was thinking one of mine, this recurrent mantra on my psiquis trying to guide mantra me to give the best of my character today. Also there's a charming and  manipulative demon with equal whit  the eloquence of a prince and depravation of s dolomite. Usually whispered in dude can wet much higher.

   "Forever?" - She asked.
   "Ever and ever, till the end of times" I replied. Sadly didn't went that way.

Lots of things happened in the middle. I prefer to no talk about it.

Then my mind starts to over think, drugs coming, taking control and then! I'm on rehab on some place i don;t which it is people crayon, try to figure what happened later.  the  and there weren't  tanned two individuals never went to the 201. Now i want a cigarette my sat generations were dumb as me whith the exception of the echo i really care. sitting those other two gentlemen who i was talkin with next to me. I'm the only one in the room, a hospital room, walk in circles while i approach to this mirror and see this transformation from men to a maddest in a matter of seconds, scared me to the shit.

Beasts? Might sound inappropriate  you know, thats what substances turn you into, wild outlaws with thirst of greatness. Well, the same breed of yours. Dangerously in love like snakes and apples.

           All that thinking let me to this question; do we deserve this?

               Live the day they say… honestly I think that's bullshit some kind of shit.


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